The set includes RCU (robot control unit), sensors, performers and blocks. Assemle parts and program, then the robot will work the way you assign. The appearance designing, hands-on building, programming and testing enable kids to think actively and cooperate, learning while playing. 



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Robot Control Unit (RCU)


 1.  32-bit high-performance ARM processor.

 2.  2.4" LCD color touch screen, able to display color pictures.

 3.  WiFi, voltage, volume and buzzer modules.

 4.  8M storage space, supporting Chinese font.

 5.  4 encoder motor channels and 8 multiplexed sensor channels.

 6.  6 AA batteries or external DC power supply.




WiFi  Modules






Package List


 E3 RCU                   x1

Color Lamp               x2

Touch Sensor            x2

Light Sensor              x3

Encoder Motor           x2

Connecting Cable      x7

USB Data Cable        x1

Building Blocks    

Building Blocks List



Scratch Programming

software and hardware integration, multi-task execution, support programming in Chinese, USB online programming, WiFi off-line programming, off-line operation







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